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Kodaikanal Nilgiri is a beautiful hill station and is situated at Kuldiha Jungle, Balasore District, Orissa. Kodaikanal Nilgiri has a bracing climate where temperatures do not vary much from summer to winter. Fruits like plums and plantains grow abundantly on the wooded slopes apart from a wide variety of flowers, among which is the famous Kurinji flower, which blooms once in twelve years.  The Nilagiri hill in the Kuldiha jungle is a trekker's delight with its silvery streams and immense beauty. Wildlife abounds in their bounteous undergrowth.
Trekkers can explore the surrounding areas of Kodaikanal Nilgiri
Camping Tours
Conventional Tents is exactly that! Tents for all occasions! If you reached us in hopes to find a tent for that small party or for that long awaited special event or if you are interested in purchasing your own tents to rent then allow us to take you on a journey that is sure to captivate you as you find your needs with our products and their endless possibilities.
Mountain Biking
Travel by bicycle on a unique tour through the Lakes District of Southern Chile and Argentina. Climb a smoking volcano, hike through a pristine Araucaria (monkey-puzzle) forest, camp at remote hot springs, raft through basalt gorges and enjoy both the Chilean and Argentine culture and cuisine while camping and staying in hotels. The trip masseuse is available for evening and morning massages.
Rock Climbing
India has a host of places that support rock climbing. The Manali valley in Himachal Pradesh is an excellent place for rock climbing. Adventure Hills offers courses in this sport by trained and qualified instructors. Rock climbing uses a minimum of aids and the challenge is to find the toughest route and scale it in the least possible time. However, it provides equipment like rope, gloves, hooks, helmets and harness to the climbers. Shoes have to be brought by the climber himself/herself.
To intentionally descend a rope by sliding down an anchored line. Often called rapping by the terminally hip or abseiling by the British.
Hang Gliding and Para Gliding is adventure sports answer to fulfilling man's dream of flying like a bird. A hang glider is a flexible wing aircraft that is piloted by shifting one's weight. Para gliding provides a similar experience though the equipment used is much lighter, the sport is easier to learn and it's flight not as fast. Each hang gliding or para-gliding course starts with a theory session to give the newcomer an understanding of aerodynamics, weather conditions, understanding and reading wind and the potential dangers of the sport. Ideal beginner slopes are flat valleys surrounded by hills with prevailing winds blowing upward.
White Water Rafting
White water rafting in India is almost exclusively confined to the northern rivers which flow southwards from the Himalayas, gushing between densely forested mountains and through steep gorges. Rivers such as the Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Indus, Zanskar and Test offer `raft-worthy’ rapids, and a trip down a river can be a great way to see the countryside. Whether the expedition’s just a few hours of getting soaked and experiencing the thrills of a high-action Hollywood flick- or it stretches over a few days in which you spend time camping and trekking as well- this is an experience not to be forgotten.
Birding Tours
Welcome to the Web site. Within these pages, you will find a range of bird watching tours, to cater for all with a love of birds. Tours range from fast-paced itineraries seeking out all the endemics and specialties of a country, to easy-paced single-location holidays.
Butterfly Tours
Kerala is home to over 330 species of butterflies. A good number of these can be observed in the forests of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and the hills of Wayanad. The best season for observations is from October to March.
Wildlife Tours
Nature Expeditions India- a reputed wildlife tour operators in India invites you for a memorable time on wildlife tours in India. Choose any of our comprehensively designed tour in this category and explore the varied flora and fauna of various wildlife sanctuaries in India.
Corporate Outwards Bound Training
Experiential Training & Developmental programmers for Corporate Executives represents a powerful process to enhance employee, team and organizational interaction, communication and collaboration; and to resolve tensions, anger, conflict and crises. The profession of outdoor training is internationally respected for its specialized training, ethics, and processes.
River Crossing
The Mummer River Crossing Project presents many opportunities for people of all ages to learn new things. This is your site to find out what educational opportunities are available from numerous area organization and educators. It's a coming together of groups, students and citizens of all ages to put their arms around the planning and construction of the new Mummer River Crossing Bridge.
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